Shower² By Lane²

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Best Selling Shower Stall of 2014

Over 4 million models sold! Perfectly cut and strong wood . with a high powered shower head with 3 different settings: jet, massaging jet, and rain. Slip proof floor.

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Store Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9am-8pm

Saturday: 10am-9pm


Store Location: 1234 Caterpillar road! Mississauga, Ontario

Website is up 24/7! Make sure to check it out if we're closed!

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Contact us if you have any questions regarding purchasing a Lane² shower, please use one of the contacts below!

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In-store sale!

Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 9am-8pm

1234 Caterpillar Rd

Mississauga, ON

30% off all showers for the holidays