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Physical Therapy

What is a phyical therapist?

Physical therapists provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and limit permanent disabilities from injury or disease in humans of varied ages.

Does physical therapy benefit our society?

Physical therapists do a lot to benefit citizens in our society. Throughout the day you may help the elderly recover after a hip fracture, show teens how to strengthen their back as they recover from scoliosis, and teach exercises that can help help someone walk again after surgery.

Education and Skill Requirements:

Someone pursuing a career in phyical therapy needs a master's degree from a physical therapy program and a state license that indicates passing scores on state examinations. Background knowledge in subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics are necessary for this job because you are working with different parts in the human body.

How can your personality match a job in physical therapy?

To work as a physical therapists you need to be able to communicate well with others and you need to have good patience. Working with patients who take time to recover and slowly make progress require your patience and persaverance. A physical therapist needs to have compassion and a desire to help people.


Projected Salary:

  • Minimum- $15, 080
  • Mean- $45, 230
  • Maximum- $78, 720

Projected Job Growth: 21% (more than average)

Where can I get hired?

Companies that may hire physical therapists are the Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, and the U.S. Army. Often physical therapists will work with the elderly in nursing homes or with children in an elementary school.

What's cool about having a career in physical therapy?

Physical therapists help patients live the life they have always wanted by helping them recover from health defects and diseases. Physical therapists get to work with a lot of different people of different ages. A job like physical therapy is very rewarding because you get to encourage people daily.

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