VCR Lesson 4 Presentation

Sanjana Kapur

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from Lesson 4.

In England, anarchy ensued upon King Edward VIII's _____________ of his throne to marry Wallis Simpson, an American socialite perceived by many as unfit to be the queen of England.

The Word: Renunciation (n).

Definition: An action or statement in which something is given up, rejected, abandoned, or sacrificed.

*Renunciation is often used to mean the rejection of a belief, claim, or course of action.


Nuncio, Nunciare, Nunciavi, Nunciatum (L.) "To announce"

When renouncing a particular belief, many people express their decision in some way to others in order to make the transition official.

A person who has renounced a belief often announces or declares her decisions and publicizes it in some way so that others are aware of the person's shift in thinking.

Thus, the root meaning "to announce" is linked to the word "renunciation.



















Alternate Forms

Renunciative (Adj.)

Renunciatory (Adj.)

Both terms are adjectives and are used to describe a noun (object, place, or person) that will be given up or renounced by a person.

Renounce (v.)- Used to describe the action itself of rejecting or giving something up.

i.e. The woman decided not to renounce her Protestantism until Catholicism had been made the law of the land.

*The terms "renounce" and "renunciation" are used much more commonly than are "renunciatory" and "renunciative".

Examples of Renunciation

1) Religion

In religion, renunciation often indicates an abandonment of pursuit of material comforts, in the interests of achieving spiritual enlightenment.

For example, in Hinduism, the renounced order of life is sannyāsa; in Buddhism, the Pali word for "renunciation" is nekkhamma.

This process is often referred to as a religious conversion.

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Religious Conversion

The missionaries' persuasion led to the man's renunciation of Judaism and conversion to Christianity.

2) Citizenship

Renunciation also arises in nationality law with the renunciation of citizenship, a process by which the renouncer ceases to hold citizenship with a specific country and becomes a citizen of another country.
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Citizenship Test

Many people all over the world renounce their citizenship of other countries and decide to become US citizens. I myself am, in fact, an immigrant; I was born in another country. :)

3) Property

A person can also renounce property, as when a person submits a disclaimer of interest in property that has been left to them in a will. This occurs if a person does not want property that has been bequeathed to them.
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Property Transfer

The person on the left is renouncing his property because he fears that he will go bankrupt soon.

Choose the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

A) Rene Descartes was a notable Enlightenment thinker for his doubt of his own existence and his renunciation of widely held beliefs of the time period.

B) Prior to the nineteenth century, many regions baptism involved renunciation of married life.

C) The girl was happy that she had been accepted to college when she received a letter from the University of Delaware stating that the admissions officers had renounced her application.

D) Kate's religious conversion led to her renunciation of monogamy.

Correct Answer: C

Choice C is the only incorrect option here.

If the university had renounced the girl's application, that would indicate that the girl was not accepted to the college, which would have made her sad.

Instead, the girl is happy, meaning that the college actually accepted her application. The better word here would be "accepted."