Marine Biologist

By: Cameron DeBroux 9th hour

Basic Information

  • Work on boats
  • Work place is any body of water
  • Work with animals
  • Study the habitat of animals
  • Needs a license
  • Need to have a boating license
  • Work in damaged habitats
  • Need a scuba license
  • Work under water
  • Hold fish

Pros and Cons


  • Nice weather
  • On the water
  • Go close to animals

  • Far from home
  • Always on the water
  • Always need to know new things


I think nice weather is a pro because I love nice weather. I also love fe being on the water because I don't get to do that often. I also like to watch and see animals in there natural environment. I don't like being far away from family because I like to see each other's ever one in a while and if I move I would never see them. Even tho I would like to be on the water it would get sickening after awhile. I would like to know what I would need to know before the job and not to keep learning new ways to do things.

How to succeed in the Career

To be good in my career I will have to take two years in Spanish and I will need to know a lot about animals and there habitats. I will also need to know how they act if they feel threatened. I will always see if there are new ways to do something to the animal or about the animal.

Texas A&M

At Texas A&M you get great schooling. You also can get hands on work and go out into a body of water and study the animals in there inviroment.

Pros and cons


  • It's warm at that school
  • They give you fun sports to play
  • I have never gone to Texas

  • Far from home
  • Don't know anyone
  • Winter it barelysnows

Find more info at www.TexasA&


At Alabama you get great schooling you also can choose class hours and if you want to learn in the summer.

Pros and cons


  • Good football team to watch
  • Give a lot of scholarships
  • Big school

  • Don't have a golf team
  • Far from home
  • No baseball team

Find more at


At Boston you get amazing schooling and you can pick if you want summer classes or not.

Pros and cons


  • Big school
  • A lot of people to meet
  • One of the top schools in the U.S

  • Far from home
  • Don't have baseball
  • Only give scholarship to top ranked students

Fine more at

Save the ocean foundation

When you are done with college you can go to Washington and join save the ocean foundation. They are right on the water and there help save thousands of animals. If you want more information check out there website,-77.0436759&sspn=0.0002136,0.000366&q=save+the+ocean+foundation

Save the whales

If you want to help you can go to California and join the save the whales foundation. They have helped over 5,000 whales. If you want to check in go to Save The Whales

99 Pacific Street, Suite 200D

Monterey, CA 93940. Or call at tel:831-899-9957

High school

Inhale go school I will have to take Schindler and math all 4 years. I will also have to take Spanish for three years.i will need to join a club that is about under water animals and there environment.


If you are done with college and don't know we're to go, go to California and join save the whales foundation. They save thousands of whales. If you have ever seen a whale they have probably helped it sometime in its life time.


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