• The video is a cat defending a human. The cat is having trouble hanging on to his prey. The cat keeps on attacking it’s prey but can’t get the grip. The cat is also a little one so. It’s even harder to keep his grip on his prey. But the cat hangs on a little longer each time. the cat didn’t get hurt when it fell off like sounder didn’t die when he got shot. Also the cat getting knock off is like when sounder got kicked out of the way when the police where getting his master.


  • Sounder: When sounder got shot he didn’t die he went to the forest to find some oak acid to heal himself. Mother: When the father is away she did want she normally did and what the father did. Father: The father got through hard work at the prison and transfers to different prisons. Boy: The boy got up and walk away after getting a piece of iron thrown at him. And he got through not having his father later on.


  • The color of a person’s skin can tell you a lot about what that person is like, Disagree. I feel that people shouldn’t be judge by the way look. people should be judged by their personality. It’s unfair that people get judged but the clothes they where or where they're from or the color of their skin.


Jesse Owens

  • Jesse Owens was a African American athlete. He ran track and field for America in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. In the Olympics he won 4 gold medals in Track and Field. The 100,200, and 400 relay and the Long Jump. Also he broke 2 world records that stood for 25 years. Jesse Owens overcame many challenges like racism .Also he was a sharecropper at a young age and it was tough work in the fields. And he broke his tailbone, it was tough but he came back

A Father, Daughter, and Dog

  • Alike The fathers both have dogs that they love. The dogs both die before their master does. Differences The father in a Father, Daughter, and Dog the father didn’t want the dog at first. Sounder's master did want him because he loved Sounder. Sounder came from the road where his master found him. Cheyan came from the the animal shelter.


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