First Grade Newsletter

Miss Rode's Class


Included in this newsletter are links to many of the sites that our first grade families need to access often. Scroll down to find the links.

Thank You!!!

Thank you all for all of the love shown during teacher appreciation week. It was a very fun week.


If you need to pick your child up early please remember to let me know either by dojo message, email, or paper note. Lately when students have been picked up early, it has been a rush to get them ready to go because I did not know they were leaving early. Letting me know early will better allow me to make sure your child is ready on time for you.

Dates to Remember

May 27 - Jog a Thon; noon dismissal

May 30 - Memorial Day; no school

June 5 - Students Sing @ 10am service

June 7 - Annual End of Year Day of Fun

June 8 - Last Day of School; noon dismissal

June 13 - Summer Camp Begins

June 14 - Summer School Begins


A few backpack buddies hanging on your child's backpack are cute and fun. Lately some backpacks have become weighted down with backpack buddies and it is becoming a problem. The decorations have become distractions for several students. Please limit the number of backpack buddies to match the number of zipper pulls on your child's backpack. Thank you for your cooperation.


Recently the students have been working with an app called Skoolbo. It is called Skoolbo Common Core in the app store. This app practices academic skills in a game format. If you and your child would like to use this app at home as well, download the app onto your device. Our school code is CA6788YY. Once logged in your student simply clicks on their name, types the password (black square, bee), and they are ready to go. This app is not considered a program for homework but rather a fun app which also happens to practice their skills.


You may see a couple of new dojo points in your child's report. The points are worth 0 points. It is to keep track of how many times your child leaves the room to get a drink of water or go to the restroom.

Spelling List

1. added

2. ended

3. needed

4. wanted

5. cleaned

6. filled

7. loved

8. cheered

9. asked

10. beeped

11. camped

12. picked

Memory Work: Books of the Bible

Over the next few weeks your child will be learning the books of the Bible. There is a song we practice will several times in class. If you would like to use the same song for practice it is available on the Wee Sing Bible Songs album or you can also find it on iTunes. The songs are titled The Old Testament and The New Testament.Each week builds on the previous week until they have recited all of the books. The first three weeks focus on the old testament and the last three weeks focus on the new testament.

Everyone should be working on the New Testament at this point.

This week is the final week for the Books of the Bible memory work!!

Summer School

The end of the school year in near. Our summer school program runs June 14 - July 13. Classes are held Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9-11:30am. Students will work on keeping their skills sharp for the following school year with a focus on reading and math. During this 5 week program, we also include some fun art and science activities as well.
Book Orders

Class code GY7YB


Math and ELA homework and practice.


Leveled reading homework and practice