Walnut Twig Beetle Gang


$100 dead

$200 Alive

All bounties should be collected from Mason Goser.

Walnut Twig Beetle

Known aliases:

Walnut Twig Beetle

Pityophthorus juglandis

Physical Description

Average 1.5 to 1.9 millimeters in length. It has 4 to 6 rows or ridges along its chest and back.
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Known Associates

Travels with Geosmithia morbida spreading havoc and mayhem


The members of the Walnut Twig Beetle Gang have traveling forests and lumber yards gnawing through bark and wood, spreading their signature brand of torture, the Thousand Canker Disease. With the combined effort of Beetle and Morbida trees last a few years at most with many falling earlier.

Reign of Terror

The Beetle Gang first began its destruction of property in 1928 in Arizona. Since then they have spread to California and has recently been sighted in Denver, Colorado. In 2008, their reign of terror has killed nearly every Black Walnut tree in Denver. Residents live in fear of the spread. It is believed they will spread further north and west.
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Efforts to control

In an attempt to control the gang, quarantines have been set up at state orders to try and halt their spread. In some cases a posse of Agar, a gelatinous mass, has been successful in driving the Beetles and Morbida away