Executive Branch

President, Vice President & Cabinet

President - Barack Obama


- At Least 35 years old

- Natural-Born U.S. Citizen

- At least 14 years of residence in U.S.


- Chief of State - Travels to foreign countries to work treaties & agreements

- Commander in Chief - Send our troops anywhere in the world to protect our interests or to keep peace in troubled places

- Chief Diplomat - Decides what diplomats & ambassadors say to foreign governments. Makes the foreign policy for U.S.

- Chief Executive - Decides how laws of U.S. are enforced and chooses advisers to help run Executive Branch

- Chief Legislator - Influence Congress in lawmaking. Can urge Congress to pass new laws or veto bills that they don't favor

- Chief of Party - Helps members of political party get elected or appointed to office

- Chief Guardian of the Economy - Concerned with unemployment, high prices, taxes, business profits, and general prosperity of the country


1. Announce Candidacy - 2 years before general election

2. Primary Elections - Feb-June prior to the general election

  • Happens in every state

  • State decides election date

  • NH first primary election in country

  • Purpose - To narrow down candidates to top Republican & Democrat

3. Political Party National Convention - August-September

  • Official Announcement of Presidential Candidate & V.P. Candidate

  • Each party has own election

4. General Election - 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November

  • People vote for President & V.P.

  • 18+ years & register to vote

5. Electoral College Vote - December

  • Official vote for president

6. Inauguration - January

  • President takes Oath of Office & becomes President


- Manage Business

- Leaders elected by president

  • Foreign Affairs

  • Treasury

  • Department of Defense

  • Attorney General

Vice President - Joe Biden

- Next in line for President

- Head of Senate - Has the tie-breaking vote

- Take orders from President


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