From my mind

By: Corey


Please dont do it. So i have been bullied and trust me its not fun. I didnt want to go to school because i was bullied and i thought if i didnt go that they would just for get about me.... Well they didnt! i just felt like i wanted to die or go into hiding and never come out. But then one day i told the girl that started rumors about me that she needs to stop. But that didnt so i told her that she was one of the reasons why i have such and bad life and that didnt work either. Then i told her that if you kept doing this that i would tell a teacher and i did because she stopped . See sometimes you need to tell people because people dont know when to stop. But by the time i got the teacher the rumor was all over the school. But i still went and i walked in those halls with my head held high because you knew those rumors weren't true and so did my friends so i still had friends and i found out who my real friends are.


I have two and i love them but before that i hated them. They were mean and i was mean right back. but then one day they were being so mean that i hid from everyone and just sat there and started to think what if i didnt have any sisters . I was hiding for 2 hours. But i was thinking really hard.I didnt like the thought of not having my sisters. so when i got out of there all i wanted to do is cry but i didnt but i did keep that thought in my head...... Then i started to think that night a little more and it just clicked that if i wasnt here that they would miss me so they really do care about me. and since that day we have been nicer because of my thought of not having them and i truly love them both.