Frosting Covered Fingers

Equations and Inequalities: Algebraic Word Problems

A Package full of Mini Bundt Cakes

At Sugarcube Corner, a dozen mini Bundt cakes costs $12.24. What is the cost of one mini Bundt Cake?
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A Mix of Donuts

June has $15 to spend on donuts. Her Mom wants 3 chocolate, her brother wants 5 glazed, and her dad wants 2 glazed and 2 strawberry. How much money does she have leftover if a dozen costs $12.00?
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Yummy Cookies in my Tummy

Tess and her three friends sat at the table. Her Mom had given them money and each girl had ended up with more than 2 cookies. How many cookies did they have in total?
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Oh So Delicious Muffins

After spending $8 on a bag of muffins, Kaede has no more than $13 left. How much money did she have before buying the muffins?
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