Madison's Fun Iceskating Report

By:M L


Hi!I am going to teach you how to ice skate step by step.Fist let me tell you a little about my self.I am in a iceskating club and I love to ice skate.I love animals and my favorite food is wings.

Step one

When you first get on the ice you have to remember balance so hold your arms out or hold onto the boards.While you are holding onto the boards you have to push out with each foot slowly or walk on the ice slowly.


Have a fun time!

Step two

Now that you now how to skate on the ice I am going to tell you how to stop on the ice.Skate slowly then push your skate forward on the side.You can stop with whatever skate you feel most comfortable with stopping.

Step three

Now I am going to teach you how to skate backward.First you have to turn backward.Then you have to get some speed so you can do backward fishies or do backward wiggles to get some speed.Now that you learned how to iceskate I hope you had a fun!