Host Families Needed

Bring the culture to you

Exchange students from Spain will be visiting the Westminster and surrounding areas and are looking for good host families from June 27th - July 24th.

Host families come in all shapes and sizes including:

  • Families with any age children
  • Single parents
  • Young couples
  • Families where both adults work
  • .....
What does it take to Qualify as a Host Family?
  • A willingness to share yourself and our culture.
  • Willingness to provide meals, some transportation, and a place for the student to sleep (sharing a room is acceptable with the same gender students)
  • A warm, supportive environment
  • Allow the student to become a part of your family
What does one gain from this experience?
  • Warm memories
  • Unforgettable experiences
  • Increased understanding and appreciation of another culture
  • Making new friends

About the Students

  • Students arrive fully insured
  • Students have their own spending money
  • Students have knowledge of the English language

  • I am planning to go on vacation can a host student go with my family? Yes, they can as long as prior arrangements have been made with all parties.
  • I am unable to host for the entire month, could I host for 2 weeks? Yes, as much as we REALLY want to to have a stable environment with one family we understand that not everyone can host the entire month. Please make sure to bring this up with me when we talk.
  • Are the students insured? Yes
  • Are there any guarantees? Actually yes, if the placement of the student does not work for whatever reason, I will remove the student within 24 hours. (the thing is out of the thousands students who have come through this program over the years, only a few have ever needed to be pulled and one was for an emergency situation with the host)

Planned Activities

Students will have weekly excursions, half day as well as full day activities one time per week. These activities are planned and host family members are encouraged to participate with these trips. Some of the trips include: New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Annapolis, Hershey Park, and Camden Yards.

Your students will be busy during the week as they will have English classes in the mornings. However, they will be free to spend time with you and your family on weekends.

Contact Me

If you are interested have any questions about the program please kindly complete the form below.

Cell - 410-259-0954

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