Southern Colonies

By: Pablo Calderon


  • John Smith, John Rolfe, and a London company were responsible for founding us in 1607. We had the first permanent colony established here in james town and our motivates for being made was to find gold
  • We made cash by growing tobacco and also working in the Iron Industry
  • Our government was first Corpit then Royal. We also created the house of burgesses
  • The population size was medium and were mainly from England
  • The Powhatan confederatece was a group of native tribes coming together against the colonists, and of course a war broke out between them.
  • Religion is Anglican
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  • Lord Baltimore created us in 1634 for religious freedom
  • Mixed farming is how we got cash, the main crop at the time would Alsi be tobacco
  • The government we have is proprietary
  • Our size in amount of people is medium, and mainly come from England and Germany
  • The Nanticoke tribe was One of the main native American groups to inhabit our place before us. Luckily there wasn't much conflict, But they were forced off the land eventually.
  • Our religion is as well Anglican
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North Carolina

  • 8 lord proprietors founded us in 1653 and mainly did it for farming and trade
  • Trade and profits were the main way we got Cash, and our main money maker was navel stores.
  • We are both Royal and Proprietary
  • Our size amount is medium and mainly from England
  • The natives who inhabited the before us were the Tuscarora, Croaton, Catawba, and Carolina Siouan
  • Religion is once again Anglican
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South Carolina

  • We were also founded by 8 lord proprietors but in 1633 instead. Reasons for being made were same: farming and trade.
  • We also got our allowance by trade and profits, except we excelled in making rice and indigo
  • Both Royal and Propritetary
  • Our size is large in populatio and were also mainly from England
  • Catawba and Carolina Siouan, Creek and Cusabo were the native inhabitants before us.
  • And once more our religion is Anglican.
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  • James Oglethorpe founded us in 1732 as a place where debtors in prison could start anew and it served as a barrier against Spanish expansion from Florida
  • We made money by making Rice
  • We are Royal
  • Our population size is small since it has many dangers
  • Cherokee, Creek and Hitchiti Oconee Miccosukee were the natives who were here before
  • Finally our religion is also Anglican
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