Industrial Revolution

Rylee Boyd

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a time when machines took the place of man. This time period caused people to go without jobs, and no money. The effect of this horrible time left people on the streets and families with no money because when people moved from their farms to the city there were no houses built for them yet. This also caused kids to work in factories with long work hours, and payed them close to nothing. Although, these were bad times they caused for a pretty good outcome in new and helpful inventions.

Inventors and Their Inventions

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. It's purpose was to pick seeds out of raw cotton. This saved slaves time and increased the number of slaves. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. This allowed people to talk to anyone at anytime anywhere. This made it to where you didn't have to travel to the place where the person is that you want to talk to. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. This allowed light to be permitted through electricity. This was a less costly way to have light. This also made it to where you didn't have to take a candle everywhere you go.

Child Labor

Child Labor was a very cruel thing that traumatized many innocent children. This was not always a bad thing though. Some of the children wanted to go to work to support their families. Most of the kids were female which would seem odd now, but it is true. They worked long hours about 12 a day. And got payed close to nothing, but it was enough for them to buy food for their families. Overall this was a pretty cruel thing to do to innocent children.
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Assembly Line

The assembly line was invented by Henry Ford. It's purpose was to create an easier and faster way to assemble products. This invention used a conveyor belt to move the products down a line of people and their job was to add a part to it. Their were a group of people (about 5 or 6) that were in charge of on step or piece of the assembly. This helped the making of products to go by a lot quicker instead of only about two people working on the whole product at one time.
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