Genius Hour Project

By: Kevin Martin

What drove some of the Greatest architects to be where they are at the height of their career?

Henry Louis Sullivan

He is known as the "father of modern architecture" and "Father of skyscrapers"
He studied at MIT and des Ecole des Beaux in Paris.
He left both because of lack of creativity he could express.
He found inspiration in nature, and wanted to make things different from the
European form.
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Andrea Palladio

Known as the most influential person in architecture.
Also one of the greatest architects in the Renaissance period.
Thought that architecture had a clear purpose to help us be better people.
Thought we should build in order to encourage a good state of mind in our selves and others.
Also thought Architecture could help us with three psychological virtues.
1. Calm
2. Harmony
3. Dignity
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Final thoughts

Every person is different. Just like in architecture, peoples views are different. While some people, like Sullivan, find inspiration in nature. Some find inspiration in virtues of the psyche. Every architect is different, but have one thing in common. They all try to accomplish feats that are amazing.


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