Weekly Update

Week of October 24


This week in math students continued to explore with 2 and 3-dimensional shapes with the following activities: sorting shapes by number of sides, identifying and sorting different types of quadrilaterals, ordering rectangles, and building rectangles by solving riddles. Next week we will continue with geometry skills.

We used Classflow to find quadrilaterals!

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This week in reading we read a narrative nonfiction, Turtle Turtle Watch Out! We continued working on asking questions to be active readers and identified the main idea and key details in the text. The students constructed a life cycle of the turtle using the text and researched additional information on the stages they were curious about! We also started looking at the challenges the turtles faced in each stage of the life cycle. We will be using this information to write a paragraph!

Social Studies

This week in social studies we continued to discuss goods and services and the different forms of payment. We also compared games from the past and present using primary sources. The students began researching a famous American and will use this information to create a trading card.


  • Election Day is November 8th and there will be no school

  • Conferences will begin next week, if you have not signed up please do so ASAP

  • Please make sure that when your child is Dreamboxing that he/she completes 1 lesson.

  • Fall celebration is Monday, October 31st at 2:30

  • Book It! is due Monday, October 31st! The goal is 20 days for 20 minutes.