Space Travel

By:Najee Groves

The dangers of traveling to space

There are many problems of space and i'm here to explain them to you

Space debris

paint fleck is a type of debris that are thousands of tiny pieces of paint and metal that is caught in earths orbit. It is a very hot and fast and it may be caused by either satellites crashing into each other or other space objects.these pieces are too tiny to track. If it hits a rocket it will cause the rocket to malfunction or crash and kill everyone in it! If the astronauts get hit by the debris they will have a giant hole through them. Space travelers will also have to worry about natural debris such as meteoroids and dust storms.


In space humans are completely exposed to radiation. The rays split cells and other DNA molecules that can cause cancer and other deadly diseases. This can cause major problems for women that have children and men making them. This may cause children to have birth defects and other health problems.

Launch and Re entry In and out of space

when launching rockets thousands of gallons of fuel are being ignited and reacting with the air molecules outside and causing the ship to launch but possibly can explode. In re entry your in a fiery space shuttle that could crash if your not accurate enough