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The reason of this website

This page is to inform anyone that interested in women team curling in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. To report current ,past ,and present news about USA Curling Team.I will also focus on Allison Pottinger of the curling team

What is the point of curling you might ask?

That a great question because when I found out about the sport I ask the same question.Lets get a few details about curling out the way.The playing surface in curling is called "the sheet." Sheet dimensions can vary, but they're usually around 150 feet long by about 15 feet wide. The sheet is covered with tiny droplets of water that become ice and cause the stones to "curl," or deviate from a straight path. These water droplets are known as "pebble."

At each end there's a target that looks like a big bullseye. These targets are known as "the houses." The center of the house is known as the "button." Basically, the object of the game is to get your stones closer to the button than the other team gets theirs.

Some Fun Facts About Allison Pottinger

1)Her husband is Doug Pottinger

2) She have two daughters Laura and Kelsey

3) She have her own team that she flies for

4) She is 40 years old

5)Her birthday is on July 5

6)She was alternative for women US team for curling

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This article is about how Allison feel about being an alternate on the US team in the Sochi. It is very interesting things she say in the article about her team. I think that if you click on it you will not be disappointed.

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This article is one of favorite one i seen it tell explain the process of how Allison got chosen to be an alternative of the US Women's Curling Team. It also explain what she was feeling when she got chosen .

USA women's curling team "What does the skip say"
Open it Up

It is video for adults to help them learn how to curl if you interested. This a very helpful video so you should click on it.

See Last Year Allison Potttinger

Allison Pottinger last year when she claims bronze metal at the US championship at the Universal Sport

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Are you interested in women curling? Well here a video first women wining a metal