iMovie,iTrailer,Haiku Deck,Explain Everything+Go Animate


1. In the movie section of iMovie you shoot videos on your own to put together your own movie.The Movies you make can be as long as you want.

2. iMovie provides you with your own choice of background music for your movie.

3.Also if you finish making a video, you are not done, you can go back to edit.


1.Using iTrailer is another feature of the Imovie app except, the iTrailer feature gives you a theme for a trailer.

2. You need to shoot your own videos for a time limited trailer with an outline and storyboard that you get to choose.

3. Using the story board you need to write in text to go along with your trailer. You can also put in pictures instead of videos.

Haiku Deck

1. Haiku deck is basically like a slideshow except each slide you can choose a picture to be your backround.

2. In each slide you have the option to either write a phrase in bold or write 5 sentences maximum in smaller font with bullets or numbers before them.

3.You can share all of your projects to anybody's email address.

4. You can make as many projects as you want and you can have as many slides in each project as you want.

Explain Everything

1.Explain everything is kind of like haiku deck but it is more like a chalk board that is a slideshow.

2. In Explain Everything you can insert text in any font, size or color you want. You can also draw in any color you want. Also you can insert pictures and adjust there size.

3. Again like Haiku Deck in you can have as many projects as you want and as many slides as you want in each project.

Go Animate

1.Go Animate was my favorite website this year. Go Animate is basically a movie maker but it is all cartoons.

2.In go Animate you choose a theme for each project. Then you name your project and choose a backround.

3. In each scene you choose your characters, their props, there actions and what they say.

4.Although each project can only be 30 seconds long.

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