indoor air pollution

Gopal Dhamala

Indoor Air Pollution

a substance that is present in an amount that is harmful or undesirable ex.

Air Quality

The air inside is not free of pollutants.

Sick Building Syndrome

air pollutants that get trapped inside create sick building syndrome one of the environmental rick to public heath


source- crack in basement floors.

effects- radon is cancer causing radioactive gas

Tobacco Smoke

Source- cigarette

Effect- tobacco can have lung cancer and constricted blood vessels


source- floor, air, ducts.

Effect- some people molds can cause nasal stuffiness threat, irrational

carbon monoxide

source- cigarette and pipe smoke

effect- breathing carbon monoxide can cause headache, dizziness vomiting, and nausea

Household cleaners

source- cobwebs remove

effect- the nitrogen in window cleaner forms harmful nitrates that pollute ground water

Reduce indoor air pollution

Ban smoking

Make your cleaning count

Control critters is seal cracks and crevices and put food away.

Prevent problems to discourage dust mites encase your pillows.

Ventilated , cooking, cleaning and note