Happy New Year!!!

New Year, New you


So as a team we are now down to our final days of 2015!!!!

I want you all to take a moment and just think about how far you have come! Think about how many lives you have touched, how many products you have switched out, and what impact that makes on our community's, state's and even our country. Seriously, take a moment and be proud of what you accomplished, whether is was switching out a few of your own products, or sharing your knowledge with 500 people, you made a difference so feel good about that. Cheers to that!!!

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3 days left!!!

Don't quit now! There are still 3 great days left to make your month work for you! You can easily hit the next milestone to increase your commission % by Midnight Thursday. Look at your numbers, if you need help, just ask! I want you to be able to maximize your year end and start out your 2016 with a great paycheck.

I cannot emphasize enough how I CAN HELP YOU! You just need to ask, I am not going to pester you, if you want it, I am here! If we haven't met yet, that's fine ;) I want to get to know you and help you reach your goals.

So here are some year end activities to get you where you want to be!

  • Look at October orders, text and or call those people for reorders
  • reach out to 3 people each day that you haven't spoken to yet about BC (use my intro email on our FB page)
  • Drop off one Face kit tomorrow to pick up on the 31st
  • Follow up with people interested in the business!!!

It could not be a better time to start your own business, honestly!!! When you start now, you get to join in a healthier living community. Everyone wants to be a better version, a healthier version, a more confident version of themselves for 2016! Why not help others get there?!! Plus there are some personal business benefits to doing it now for example:

  1. Purchasing your starter kit is a write off for your 2015 taxes
  2. You will be ready to start your business and have all of your product set in January.
  3. You can launch when people are eager to change out old habits for new ones and you can help guide them.
  4. You can begin contacting Canadian contacts and look for interest in the Canadian Market to launch in the Spring.
  5. You will get your first paycheck January 9th and if you purchase a kit you can earn the $100 product credit for January!!!
  6. You can become part of this mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone and educate them on safety in their personal care products!
  7. Leadership Summit is coming up in February, it is a great time to learn from the founders, and top leaders in our company about becoming our best.
  8. You can help give someone the gift of financial freedom IF they want to work for it and have the flexibility to work from home around their schedule.
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You Want More From Your Biz?

Yes, that's my job too!

So you want to earn more, meet more people, spread the mission further? Let's do it!

I will break down your numbers, your expenses, you contacts.... we can create a plan to earn your investment back, and grow a team you can be proud of. I can help you with third party validation and work on how to make your business grow. I spend a lot of time researching on this subject beyond what is probably necessary, but I am a knowledge junkie ;)

I am going to be calling as many of you as a I can over the next few days so we can talk about your goals and get you ready to start strong in January! So think about your goals, what do you want, write them down. We can make it happen, you can make it happen!!!

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What is your resolution???

Do you want a healthier you? A healthier family? Financial Security? Social Change? Legislative Change? Big Business Accountability???

I really could answer yes to all of these things. So I resolve to make them happen this year. I want to see change in Washington, real change! I want a healthy family and hell yes, I want a healthier me!!!!!

Don't we all deserve that??? YES!!!

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Sp please join me!

Write down your goals, write down your hurdles....

Let's talk through them and create a plan, get fired up for change and get fired up to own your life, and help others have healthier lives as well!!!

Let's finish strong, we always do!!!!!

xx, Ash

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