Welcome to the India Tech League Fraternity!

What comes next?

Now that you are part of the Fraternity. Here's a quick peek of what's in store for you.

In the coming months, we would connect you to an ideal and relevant set of startups from your domain. You would have an opportunity to interact with these brilliant founders. Mentor them on technology, technicalities, financial models, marketing techniques and anything else you deem relevant and important for them to succeed.

This is also your chance to team up with them and coach them to be a part of ITL Season 1

We would be sending your customised full programme and founders contacts and details. Please make use of this to coach your teams for the competition.

Subsequent to which, we hope, they should be ready to present their pitch to the relevant set of panel of judges.

This will let you see your teams shine brighter because of your coaching!

We would also like to hear from you. Do not hesitate to ask us for more info. Hit us with suggestions. And anything else you would want to tell us.

Have a Very Happy New Year!