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In this presentation, you will learn a lot about Romania. You will learn what it looks like, where it is, about their culture, and a lot more. I hope you enjoy my Smore.(picture from

Romania's Geography

Romania is a very cool place. If you want to go to Romania, it would probably be a good idea to fly there. You would be on the plane for about 12 hours, and it would cost about 1,000 dollars. About half of the people in Romania live in towns, and the other half lives in villages. The average high temperature in Romania is 7 to 25 degrees Celsius, and the average low temperature is 0 to 15 degrees Celsius. Bucharest is the capitol city of Romania. Some other well known cities in Romania are Brasov, Azuga, Galati, Arad, and Sovata. Some famous landforms of Romania are the Southern Carpathians, which are mountains that split central and southern Romania, the Wallachian Plain, the Moldavian Plateau, and the Western Hills. Some famous rivers in Romania are the Danube River, which is the longest river in Romania, the Mure River, the Siret River, the Prut River, and the Olt river.

Maps of Romania

Romania's Government

Romania's Government is a republic. They have a legislative branch, a judicial branch, and an executive branch. Romania has a limited government, and their president is Traian Băsescu. Some people in Romania say that their president is unpredictable, and has poor judgement, but they also say he is funny, nice, and has a lot of energy. Citizens in Romania have similar rights, responsibilities, and human rights as the US does. Romania doesn't really have to many interactions with other countries. They were in WW2, but they haven't had any wars since. Romania is a member of the United Nations, and is a member of NATO. Romania also receives aid. (picture from

Romania's Economy

Romania's currency is Romanian lei. Romanian money compared to US money is 0.31 US dollars. Romania exports clothing, industrial machinery, electrical equipment, raw materials, cars, military equipment, agricultural products, and many more. Their imports are methane gas, oil, food clothes computers, paper, cars, electrical equipment, and a lot more. Romania's GDP per capita is 7,942.83 USD. Romania is not as wealthy as the US. A lot of people in Romania die younger, they are not as advanced as the US, and people in Romania make 75% less money than people in the United States. (picture from

Romanian Social and Ethnic Groups

89.5% are Romanian, 6.6% are Hungarian, 2.5% are Roma, 0.3% are German, 0.2% are Russian, 0.3% are Ukrainian, 0.2% are Turkish, and 0.4% are other ethnic groups. Most children in Romania go to school. Most children in Romania start kindergarten when they are three to six. They go through school to high school and can go to college. Schools in Romania are based on tuition free egalitarian system. Women have all of the rights that men have in Romania. The literacy rate in Romania is 97.7%. They take school seriously.

Romania's Religions, Languages, and there Flag

86.7% of people in Romania are Eastern Orthodox, 4.7% are Roman Catholicism, 3.7% are Calvinistic, 1.5% are Pentecostal Denominations, 0.9% are Romanian Greek Catholic, and 0.2% are Atheist. 91% of Romania speaks Romanian, 6.7% speak Hungarian, 1.1% speak Romani. and 0.2% speak German. The colors on the Romanian flag are blue, gold, and red. The blue stands for justice, the gold stands for generosity, and red stands for strength. The flag was created in 1994, and was extended in 2001. (picture from

Romanian Traditions, Holidays, and Food

Anul Nou is a popular Romanian holiday. it is new years day. they also celebrate Anul Nou the day after new years. Anul Nou is January 1st and 2nd. Paștele is Easter. It's the holiday for the orthodox Easter. Paștele is in either April or May .Rusaliile is a holiday that celebrates the 50th and the 51st days after the orthodox Easter. Rusaliile is in either May or June. May 1st is Ziua Muncii, or Labor Day. November 30th is Sfântul Andrei, or Saint Andrew's Day. Andrew is the Saint of Romania. Ziua Națională is the Great Union Day on December 1st, and Crăciunul is Christmas on December 25th. Some famous Romanian foods are Romanian Salata de Boeuf, Romanian Stuffed Cabage, Romanian Wee Ones, and Romanian Mici. If you want to learn how to make Romanian Mici, go to this website:

Romania Population Density

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Romania's Per Capita Income

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Romania's Ethnicities

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Romania's Religions

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Romania's Languages

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