Helmet Science: Old vs New

By: Josh Cubon

Old Helmets

Its not a shocker that people can get a concussion playing football not wearing helmet. But in fact, there are more head injuries now, then there where back then in the 1930's and 40's. Why is that? This occurs because people today lead with their head and they think they'll be safe inside their brand new helmet. When football just formed, people didn't even where helmets! Not until the 20's is where the soft leather helmet came into play. From here it would only evolve. When 30's rolled around, hard plastic was designed by John T. Riddle. Player thought these helmets were amazing during their time. So is this better than modern helmets? That's for you to decide but, there are a few things to keep in mind. Football during this time had less injuries because people didn't want to kill each other all the time because they didn't feel as safe. Also, these helmets would cost cheaper to make considering its only leather, and they would also last longer because helmets in the 2000's would break very easily if went head to head. Overall, helmets back then were way more dangerous, but less injuries occurred because people weren't agressive as they are today, and they were less cost effective.

The Modern News!

New Helmets

Now, onto the more moderate helmets. In the 2013-2014 season, there were a total of 121 concussions with about 7 concussions per week! That's a lot of head injuries considering some players had 2 even 3 concussions per year! There is on helmet out there that stand above all others. Its called the Riddle VSR4. This helmet can produce up to 54% less concussion prove over other riddle helmets. Still, no helmets can protect against head injuries, but builders are working to take this design to the next level. Even though this helmet is light and short of shallow, with good padding inside it's something new of this generations, but critics are still worried of the helmets hollow shell. Overall, nothing can protect a player from hurting himself during a game, but with modern technology, there will be new ways to prevent more injuries.

Josh Cubon

This was a project produced by the one and only Josh Cubon for Digital Literacy