Kristen N Levesque


Sunday, April 6th, 6am


Best trip ever
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Getting there

The way i'm getting to the Philippines is a flight on April 6th 2014, its on a Sunday that im leaving and i'm leaving at 6:00 AM and I get there at 11:59 PM. i'll come back to Colorado on April 12th 2014 its on a Saterday, I leave to the Philippines at 12:10 AM and get to Colorado at 11:55 PM. it cost $1444.

Where to Stay

I'm staying at Diamond Hotel, Its a 5 star Hotel it cost $107 per night. Its nice and has a nice pool to relax in.


I'm going to go scuba diving into the ocean and go as far as I can, but i'm going to go to the city and walk around just to see how it is to live there.


They got hit by a typhoon and it destroyed about everything. This happened in 2013. It's still destroid, but there trying to work on it.
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I really want to go to the Philippines because its awesome for one, two its beautiful there, the rain forest is amazing and the water is so blue and its just so pretty the beaches are clear and the people are respectful. If you think about it people in the USA are spoiled we can always go to the store and get something there, they don't have the choice to because they only get $80 a week. There money is in pasos.
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Other reasons

I really want to go because of the animals, i love animals, they are my life the type of animals they got there is a tarsier, peacock, snakes, cows, calamian deer, sailfin lizard, monitor lizard, palawan peacock pheasant, luzon bleeding heart dove, bearcat, possom, sea turtles, and many many more animals you can see. Incluiding tigers
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