Friday Flash 10/12-10/16

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Week of Oct 12-Oct 16

“Baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical.”

~Yogi Berra, American Professional Baseball Player and Coach~

Monday, October 12

  • No School for Students: PL/PW day for teachers

Tuesday, October 13

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Ferguson’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)
  • Health Fair—Library—K-1-3-5—12:30 pm to 3:00 pm (be sure to thank the volunteers!!)
  • PTA Exec. Board Meeting—Library—6:30 pm (all are invited!)

Wednesday, October 14

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Ferguson’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)
  • Girls on the Run—Mrs. Duckworth’s Room—3:45 pm to 5:00 pm
  • ELP Tutoring with Mrs. Martha and Mr. Richard—3:45 pm to 4:45 pm
  • Site Leadership Team Meeting—Mrs. Rogers’ Room—3:50 pm

Thursday, October 15

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Ferguson’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)
  • Drill Day—1:00 pm (we will have all 4 drills on this day, so be prepared!)
  • ELP Tutoring with Mrs. Martha and Mr. Richard—3:45 pm to 4:45 pm
  • TST Meeting—Miss Fondren’s Office—3:45 pm

Friday, October 16

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Ferguson’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)
  • All staff wear matching SuperD t-shirt—it’s a jeans day, too!
  • STUCO Spirit Day: PINK OUT! Bring 50¢ donation for Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Stephanie gone at 1:15 pm for SAESP meeting at The Fairbanks


Red Ribbon Week Monday, October 19 through Friday, October 23 (themes TBA)

5th Grade “Don’t Meth With Us” Presentation on Monday, October 19 (10:00 am)

SPED DPs and Friends to Millsap Farms on Monday, October 19

Dr. Jungmann visits Delaware School on Wednesday, October 21

Major Savers Limo Ride/Pizza Lunch on Thursday, October 22

Math Night on Thursday, October 22 (will wear matching staff t-shirt on this day)

Parent-Teacher Conference Week Monday, October 26 through Friday, October 30 (10:00 am)

Pre-K Story Time on Monday, October 26

4th Grade Play on Wednesday, October 28

School pictures for ALL students and staff on Wednesday, October 28 (traditional K-5 classes, but not 4th grade)

School pictures for ALL students and staff on Thursday, October 29 (Special Programs & 4th grade)

October Celebration Assembly on Friday, October 30

No School for students or staff on Monday, November 02

Professional Learning Day on Tuesday, November 03 (not a work day for Paras)—This is an election day, too!

TST Meeting on Thursday, November 05

Project HATS Day on Friday, November 06 (Bring 50¢ and wear your favorite hat all day)

2nd & 3rd Grades to Nature Center on Friday, November 06

Delaware Night at the Drury Panthers on Friday, November 06! Come see a basketball game!!

All School Assembly at 2:30 pm for 4th/5th Grade Performance on Tuesday, November 10

Faculty Meeting on Tuesday, November 10 (Mr. Neff’s Room)

4th/5th Grade Performance at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, November 10

PTA Board Meeting on Thursday, November 12

Mid-Quarter 2nd Quarter on Friday, November 13 (Progress notes home with ALL 3-4-5 on this day)

Teachers will be here on Monday for our first PL/PW Day of the school year. We will begin with breakfast at 8:00 am and Jill Palmer will be here to walk K-5 teachers through data-mining. Jill Palmer is our district’s data guru, and she has the skinny on which district data sources are the most helpful to K-5 teachers as they think about and prepare for goal-team conversations. She will also give teachers an overview of Performance Plus, which is a feature in the TAC on eSchool. She will be with us for about an hour-and-a-half, showing you how to gain access and where to find the data you’re looking for. We’ll break before goal teams, and I will have a goal teams protocol for each of the teams to fill out as a record of your conversations. Lunch will be on your own, and the afternoon will be for you to use however you like, but I highly suspect many of you will be working on grade card reporting!

If you teach in a grade where you’ll be visiting the health fair, please pretty please be on time! Check that schedule to know when you’re supposed to be there, leave your room a minute ahead of your arrival time so you’ll be ready to roll when the volunteers are ready to serve you! And don’t forget to thank the volunteers that come here to help! My mamma will be here helping out that day, too, because when you’re a retired mamma of a school principal, you sometimes get volun-told to show up and help out! HA!

Thursday is the day for us to complete all 4 drills back-to-back (to-back-to-back). I have contacted our school police officer, Officer Ball, as well as our closest fire department, that would like to participate in our drills. In the event of inclement weather, we will cancel the entire event and reschedule for another time that will not scare the critters out of the children by hosting a drill during a storm!

Friday is a STUCO Spirit Day, and timely for October, it’s a PINK OUT Day! You may wear your matching Delaware staff shirt, or you may wear something-anything that is pink! Students and staff are encouraged to bring a 50-cent donation.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility regarding the last-minute fire awareness activities! When I placed the date on my Outlook calendar, I clicked on the wrong Thursday (they’re so tiny on the screen!!), which is why I had it on my calendar for Thursday the 15th, rather than Thursday the 8th. Alas, I should wear my reading glasses more often to avoid these types of mistakes! My thanks to you for making time in your schedules to attend these fun activities!

Have a GREAT week!!


GRIT--it's more than just sand...

Grit is more than just small, loose particles of stone or sand. Grit is courage and resolve, strength of character, stamina, and passion. At our last faculty meeting, one of our groups read about grit, and you had discussions as to why grit will be an important trait in our students as they move toward more student-led and directed learning. Here is a link to a TedTalk by Angela Lee Duckworth, a former consultant turned middle school teacher in New York City, talking about how IQ was not the only thing separating the successful students from the less successful students. She talks here about how *grit* and *resolve* are far better predictors of success.

Tinker Time!

Tinker Time, Maker Space, and Genius Hour are all terms you may be hearing as you travel to committee meetings around the district. Tinker Time is a GREAT way to allow your students to show off their creative sides and learn through building and engineering. Each quarter, our curriculum department is offering Tinker Time for Teachers at various sites. See the picture below for dates, times, and locations.
Big image

10 Expectations Students Have of Schools

Educators often talk about having high expectations of students and parents. What about the high expectations that students and parents have of their schools? Click on the video below to check out a short video.
10 Expectations

Let's Have Some Fun: Your Favorite Memory From Your College Years

I've recently been shown how to use Padlet, an online tool to share feedback. Aside from using it to share feedback from meetings and such, you can also use it for a little fun, too! I've included a link HERE to a Padlet page, and I want YOU (yes, everyone!) to click on the link to the Padlet page, double click anywhere on the cork board, and submit your favorite memory from your college years. This is a family-friendly show, so let's keep it on the up and up, but if you have a funny, sappy, or even embarrassing memory from your college years that you would like to share, please do! It's all anonymous, so nobody will know it's you!