Winslow's Weekly Update

Happenings in Room B-4


This week we will continue our learning about visualizing and analyzing characters in our reading. We are learning to use clues in our reading to help us do this. We can look at words, pictures and use what we already know to help us understand the characters in our books. Our phonics sound will be final consonant clusters in words. Some examples would be -and, -ing, -ink, -ant, -unk, -ent. (hand, sing, went, plant...)


We are working hard on showing our work when we solve addition and subtraction problems. We have learned that we can show our work by writing an equation, using circle drawings and making a math mountain. We will learn how to write our own equations for addition and subtraction. This can get tricky but with practice...I know they will learn how to do it!!!


We had our Art Switch this week where we learned about primary and secondary colors. Every day my class went to another first grade class and completed a color lesson with that teacher. It was fun to see the other rooms and learn from the other first grade teachers. Above you will find some pictures from the color lesson that I taught. We had "magic" happen when we mixed our primary colors and they turned into secondary colors!

Important Information

***Conferences start this week. I have everyone signed up for a time. I will send home reminder notes with your child to help you remember your assigned date and time. I look forward to sharing all the great things that you child is doing and answering any questions you may have for me.

***We will be collecting food donations this week for the Cross Food Shelf. Send any food donations to school with your child. This is always a great way to help others who are less fortunate!

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