"Join the team of helping hands" - Andres Mendoza

Basic information about Psychologists

  • Psychologists are responsible for understanding people and the way they think
  • They help patients that are in distress
  • Can work in many different environments such as private offices, hospitals, and schools.
  • Generally work fixed hours
  • Great in-state and National job outlook
  • Payed on average $60,000 a year
  • Psychologists need a Master's and most likely a Doctorate Degree in Psychology
  • Psychologists are also responsible for referring patients to various programs and treatments
  • There are different variation of Psychologists such as Social, Educational, and Developmental Psychologists
  • Many people in this field are self-employed

Pros and cons of being a Psychologist


  • You are able to help people and feel good about it
  • Very decent annual pay
  • You are able to work in different environments
  • Very good national job outlook
  • You can learn how to deal with issues that you are struggling with
  • You can help people with different methods of your choice
  • You can work privately and be your own boss

  • Working with some patients may be emotionally draining
  • It may be frustrating when nothing in helping the patient emotionally
  • If you choose to have your own clinic or practice, you have to devote time in paying bills, taxes, and insurance
  • You may have to stay longer with a patient if it is an emergency

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What do you need to do to succeed in this career?

Aspiring Psychologists may benefit greatly from taking advanced high school courses. These courses include Human Anatomy and Physiology as well as AP Chemistry. Additionally, classes such as Foreign Language and Statistics and Probability, will give a aspiring Psychologist an extreme advantage.

After High School, an aspiring Psychologist must receive at least a Master's Degree in Psychology. Obtaining a Master's in followed by receiving a Doctorate Degree. Many Psychologists take a leap year or two before getting their Doctorate, as it may be financial straining being 11 years of education. During these leap years, a Psychologist may choose to do an internship or even work in the field before returning to school. Three colleges that offer these high level of education include the University of California Los Angeles, Washington University, and University of Washington Seattle. These three colleges offer great Psychology departments, as well as state of the art facilities.

Associations/Professional organization for Psychologists

American Psycological Association (APA)

750 First St.

NE, Washington DC

(202) 336-6123

National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)

4340 East West Highway Suite 402

Bethesda, MD

(301) 657-0270

Job Advertisement

Now hiring experienced Psychologists.

As a Psychologist, your job is to help patients that are in distress, as well as devote your time with a patient to them. Please be advised that you do need a Doctorate in Psychology, as well as at least 4,000 hours of experience. You will be working 60 hours a week, and earning $75,000 a year. You will be working at a hospital and will have your own office. If you are interested, please apply today!