Government Research Assignment

by clare

What took place in this significant event?

  • was first introduced to congress in 1878
  • 41 years later it was passed by both houses of congress on June 4th, 1919
  • the 19th amendment was the climax of the women's suffrage movement
  • the movement slowly won voting rights in individual countries, starting with Wyoming in 1890
  • by 1919, 15 of the 48 states had full suffrage, while most others had limited suffrage

How did women fight for their right to vote?

  • lectured
  • marched
  • lobbied
  • protesting
  • hunger strikes
  • practiced civil disobedience
  • wrote

What obstacles did women face?

Some women who fought for their right to vote were sent to prison or were made fun of and wrongly treated.

What did the law state?

19th amendment: The right of citizens of the united states to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the united states of by any state on account of sex

  • gave female citizens the right to vote in all american elections