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June 2021

Dear Caldwell ISD Families and Community Members,

Summer is here, and this first month has proven to be a true Texas summer, hot and muggy! But regardless of the Texas weather, the climate at Caldwell ISD is filled with excitement! We have amazing things happening this summer, and we are looking forward to a fresh new start in August!

We have just completed our Caldwell ISD Summer Camp, and the kids had a great time learning and having hands-on activities with our AGGIE STEM group. I want to thank all of the teachers, staff, students, parents, and Texas A&M STEM staff for making our Summer Camp a success!

We are in the finishing-up stages of our facility projects, and all of our campuses are looking great! Our teachers and staff are beginning the move to settle in! This is an exciting time for CISD! The bond projects have been a success, and we look forward to a new start to the 2021-2022 school year.

CISD has done it again! This past year we had several teams moving on to state competitions, and now our CHS Band marching recording is going to state! We wish you the very best CHS band members!

I look forward to sending you more exciting news in my July newsletter! Be safe and enjoy your summer activities!


Andrew Peters

Caldwell ISD Superintendent

June 28, 2021 Board Brief

The June 28, 2021 regularly scheduled Board Meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm with the pledge and prayer to follow.

Public Input: Public input was given by Mrs. Ochs.

Public Hearing: ESSER Funds - ESSER III federal funds are used for learning loss due to COVID-19. The ESSER III Survey was completed by public and CISD staff. *The Board Presentation is located on ESSER III page on the district website under the Resources and Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Service Plan. There is a little over $3,000,000 in federal money available that will need to be spent by June 2024. Proposed items considered to use with this money are more support staff, adding more tutoring opportunities, adding mental health staff, adding more bilingual teachers at the elementary, and adding more technology assistance and devices.

Superintendent’s Report (Information Only):

*Bond Report - Rusty Wallace with OBR gave a report for the 2018 Bond. The construction crew at the elementary are completing the punch list items. The landscaping and fencing is finishing up. The Junior High weight room/locker room is progressing with the walls being erected and a portion of the roof being completed, and tile work is being done in the locker room. The project is about 3-4 weeks behind schedule due to weather and materials not arriving on time, but the facility is still scheduled to be completed by the time school begins. The AG renovation project is progressing. The shop was power washed and repainted. The canopy is also being erected and the concrete pad is being laid. The summer move has begun and is going well. The High School Science Lab and abatement is on schedule. The tennis courts and installing turn on the softball and baseball fields are still in the planning stages but are moving ahead as planned.

*Review of Federal Grants: Title I, II, III, IV, Perkins, and Rural-Low Income - The federal money and amounts for each area were detailed. Some funds have been cut for instructional materials due to money being provided with ESSER III funds, but the district is doing well with dispersing Title funds to the areas of need per campus.

*Preview of the STAAR Assessments Results - The 2021 STAAR scores have been given by TEA. Many of the tests in every grade level 3-12, when compared to the performance of the state scores, beat the state scores. Overall the teachers, students, and administrators were successful with instruction even through the pandemic. All individual scores will be mailed home soon.

*Updated COVID-19 Guidance from TEA - Schools cannot require masks or vaccinations. The district will provide a space for free vaccinations to 12 and up. That date, time, and location will be determined later and communicated to the community.

*Review Financial Reports - The check register and board report were shared and discussed. The ESSER II funds, which are used to include addressing learning loss, preparing schools for reopening, and testing, repairing and upgrading infrastructure to improve air quality in school buildings, have been received, but there will be a settle-up for the state in September, so the district will not receive the full amount for ESSER II funds; some will go to the district and some will go back to the state.

*Enrollment Report - Enrollment is down again, which is dipping just below 1,700, but projections show that the district’s enrollment will remain consistent with the past trends of enrollment, which is typically above 1,700.

*Upcoming Board Training & Legislative Update - Two Eduhero videos will be given to board members for Cyber Security and Child Maltreatment Responsibilities. The next board meeting will be the last Monday in July 26th, and an Equity Training will be held Wednesday, July 28th. August 9, 2021 is Convocation for the CISD staff, which will include a national motivational speaker to kick off the new school year. The legislative update will be given soon. The biggest legislative update is schools having to provide focused tutorials for students who failed STAAR and school counselors having to spend 80% of their time for counseling. Counselors are often used to help with state testing, so because of this new legislation, our schools will have to plan on assigning testing coordinator responsibilities to another administrator or designated professional.

New Business (Action Items):

*Consider and Approve Resolution Designating Tax Rate Calculation Officer for 2021-2022 - CISD has to pick someone responsible for calculating the tax rate. Jessica Lucero, the tax collector for the county, will be working closely with the district. The tax rate will be run and presented by August 5, 2021. Mr. Peters will be responsible for reporting the tax rate. The Board approved unanimously the resolution designating Mr. Peters as the Tax Rate Calculation Officer.

*Consider and Approve Compensation Plan - The Employee Compensation Plan was presented. Pay rates were discussed and pay ranges were presented. The midpoints for pay were adjusted to be a bit higher than the previous year. No new employee can be hired above the midpoints, but once hired, employees can receive midpoint up to the max in their pay range. Para Professionals, Café workers, Maintenance and Bus Drivers received a significant bump in pay. The substitute rates were increased as well. The updated stipend plan was discussed. There was discussion on giving an additional stipend for teachers who teach in Behavior Units and Life Skills Units due to the extreme situations that those positions face. The start and end dates were reviewed. The Board unanimously approved the 2021-2022 Employee Compensation Plan with the additional stipend for the Behavior Unit/Life Skills teachers.

*Consider and Approve Health Insurance Contribution for 2021-2022 - The district will contribute $325 toward health insurance. The Board unanimously approved the contribution of $325 toward health insurance.

*Consider and Approve General Operating, Child Nutrition and Debt Service Budgets for 2021-2022 - The Board unanimously approved the budget as presented.

*Consider and Approve WMS Construction to Paint the New Intermediate Interior Building - The old Caldwell Elementary School facility, which will be the new Caldwell Intermediate School, will have new paint on the walls and door frames along with new flooring in the foyer. The Board unanimously approved for the new paint and flooring for the new CIS campus.

Consent Agenda - The Board unanimously accepted the Consent Agenda items, which were the May 24th and June 14th Minutes, Budget Amendments, and the Texas Association of School Boards Policy Update 117.

The June 28, 2021 Board Meeting adjourned at 8:14 PM.

Caldwell Elementary

Caldwell ISD is proud to announce the near completion of the new Caldwell Elementary School. Teachers and staff are in the process of moving and preparing classrooms to begin a great start to 2021-2022 school year! Click the news story below for details!

The Move Begins

And we are off! The moving has begun with Caldwell Elementary. After CES, CIS and CJHS will follow! By the time school begins, everyone will be in their new facilities, ready to start a successful 2021-2022 school year! Over a couple of years of planning, building, and moving, we are finally here, and it is very exciting!

Caldwell High School AG Renovation

The AG department is getting a facelift! The walls have been cleaned and repainted, and I must say, our AG shop is looking clean and pristine! I know the AG teachers and students will enjoy this great learning space!

Caldwell ISD Proves to be Ahead of State Scores

At the June 28th Board Meeting, the released 2021 STAAR scores were presented. We discussed the successes and challenges that our district faced coming back to school during a pandemic, including on-line learning challenges. KBTX and KRHD 25 had featured stories that detailed the performance of our neighboring Brazos Valley schools and also detailed our performance. I want to thank all of the teachers and students for their hard work during last year's challenges, and I want to thank parents for their continued support. That hard work paid off with our scores, in many areas, beating the state scores. Click the news stories below for details!

Happy Independence Day

Independence Day is coming up this Sunday, and I wish you a safe, enjoyable 4th of July! Hopefully the weather will hold up for fireworks, but fireworks or not, it is a day to remember the sacrifice of soldiers that enabled us to become the great nation we are today!
Waving flag and National Anthem of the United States of America (The Star-Spangled Banner)