Reviewed by the best of the best

Come and see this film! It is a true masterpiece in the eyes of a legend.

Plot- The plot is incredible. The film builds off of the plot from the Avengers. It is a true thriller for anyone who likes marvel or the Avengers.

Character- The characters are fantastic and build right on the the avengers movie. Some important characters are shared from the Avengers.

Thought- The theme is that sometimes you shouldn't change things when they already work. Sometimes futuristic ideas don't turn out how you expect.

Diction- The dictation is beautiful. The language is vivid and really engages the viewers.

Sound- The movie is full of rich action packed sounds. The battle scenes keep the viewer glued to the screen.

Spectacle- Special affects add on to the intense sound affects. Explosions and battles seem like real life. As if the picture is about to jump out of the screen.