How Do You Feel About Homelessness?

By: Ashton Buckner

Homelessness Today

Today in the U.S. you see homelessness looked upon as a joke, violently, or even ignored. From bum fights to social media attacks, it is often looked down on. The government has now even referred to homelessness as a plague in American. Don't you think this issue should be taken more seriously in this case? Most would reply with the response that the homeless have put it on themselves and are not willing to improve their situation which is a very false accusation. Christopher Gardner's story is a great reasoning to back up my opinion.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Christopher Gardner's Story

Christopher Gardner's story was presented to us in the movie "The Pursuit of Happiness" that was filmed in 2006. This movie shows us a story of a man and his son with their struggle to find way to support for themselves. You see how difficult it really is for anyone to overcome the struggles in this society, and how easy it can be to fall into poverty. You get a feel for how to view the homelessness. Throughout the movie you see that Will Smith (played part of Gardner) never gave up after these hardships. This sense of hope needs to be widespread among others. Let's help them and better this nation. Give someone a life to look forward to. Realize noones misery should be your pleasure.