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July 2022

Jesse Owens Annual Family Reunion

I received the following message from a decendant of Jesse Owens, whom which our school is named after.

My name is Yvette Beloney, and I am one of Jesse Owens' Great Granddaughters. I am hosting the 20th Jesse Owens Family Reunion in Chandler, Arizona, July 21-24, 2022.

We wish the family a fantastic family reunion. For further information contact ybeloney@cox.net

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Beginning of School 2022-2023 Dates

July 25, 2022- JOES office reopens

August 8, 2022 - JOES Meet & Greet 5pm to 6pm

August 11, 2022- Grades 1-5 1st Day of School

August 16 & 17- 1st Day Pre-K & K (1/2 the students each day)

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JOES Student IDs

We have received a few questions about the IDs on the supply list so I am hoping this will explain.

  • Every student at JOES will be issued an ID. The ID will have the barcode for the cafeteria & library and will also have the students QR code to log into their Chromebook. For example students will scan their ID before getting breakfast & lunch.
  • The classroom teacher will work out the procedures for the wearing of IDs - according to the grade level and need. The teacher will then relay that information to their students/guardians.
  • Lanyards/clips have been purchased.

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Vermilion Parish School Board Information at your Fingertips

With the new app, you can access documents, events, news updates, and even emergency notifications.

Download for Android https://bit.ly/3oUZtlc

Download for iPhone https://apple.co/3LN1H02

JOES Community Calendar

Please use the button below to connect to the JOES calendar for upcoming events and details. This calendar can also be found on the Jesse Owens Website

Summer Birthday List


1 Kinzley Trahan

2 Liv Hebert

2 Mrs Stephanie Lafosse

3 Mrs Jieance Meaux

3 Grant Cormier

6 Madeline Thompson

6 Mikaylah Thompson

7 Mrs Caitlyn Delhomme

9 Charli Breaux

10 Gillian Braus

11 Vance Istre

12 Parker Abshire

13 Taytlie Thibodeaux

15 Mrs Heidi Levgerne

15 Harlie Vincent

19 Brandy Mayer

22 Davon Laseter

23 Mrs Marsha Bruce

27 Emma Farris

27 Addison Vincent

28 Aiden Laseter

28 Audi Mouton

28 Mahlani Clement

29 Mrs Anita Dupuis

30 Mrs Ashley Trahan

Uniform Reminders for the 2022-2023 School year

The Vermilion Parish School Board Dress Code Policy will be followed strictly in the 2022-2023 school year. JOES Faculty & Staff have found that uniforms have been pushed to the backburner due to the covid pandemic, hurricanes,... But all agree that we need to get back to following the policy. Since shopping occurs in the summer I felt it important to make a few reminders:

  • Sweatshirts and ¼ zip pullovers 1. Color must be solid navy, white, red, gray, black, or spirit/school team sweatshirts. 2. No emblems, monograms, or contrasting stitching are allowed except for logos/emblems approved by school. 3. Sweatshirts may be worn over polo or oxford during cold weather.
  • Undershirts 1. Color must be solid navy, gray, white, red, or black. 2. Undershirts must be tucked into the uniform bottom.
  • Belts 1. Color must be black, brown, khaki or navy. 2. Belts must be worn at all times in grades 1-12. The entire belt must be worn within the loops.
  • Friday Jean Days will be JEAN ONLY - Shorts will not be allowed. (The only shorts that will be allowed will be uniform shorts)
  • Guidelines for Non-Compliance Failure to comply with the guidelines for dress, appearance, or uniforms will result in parental contact by the school. Further noncompliance may result in one or all of the following: in-school suspension or suspension from school.

If you have any gently used uniforms that no longer fit and you wish to donate them to school please feel free to do so. We keep some on hand for accidents and incidentals. We will have a table available at Meet & Greet for anyone willing to donate/exchange.

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Summer Office Hours

June office hours will be 7 am to 2 pm through June 9.

In July office will reopen Monday, July 25th.

Jesse Owens Elementary

Principal: Anita F. Dupuis (anita.dupuis@vpsb.net)

Secretary/Bookkeeper: Shana A. Boudreaux (Shana.boudreaux@vpsb.net)

Counselor: Verna Broussard (Verna.broussard@vpsb.net)

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