How to Become the President!

by Miriam Miller

Age Requirements.

You have to be at least 35 years old. However, it is suggested for you to be older and more knowledgeable about politics and have more experience in the matter so you are not overwhelmed by the amount of work you are required to do. Becoming a president is one of the greatest responsibilities a human can face, and to be able to keep calm under pressure and do what needs to be done takes age and wisdom.

Other Presidential Requirements

Most of the requirements are self-evident due to the job position, for instance, you have to be a natural born citizen; however, there are always those that need to be clarified. For example, you have to be a resident in America for at least fourteen years without have committed a crime.

Steps to Becoming The President!

Step #1

Every four years, multiple people gather to argue against who should decide on who the candidate should be for the Democratic and Republican parties, there are two ways to decide.

1. Caucuses, a vote that involves numerous people from one party debating on what is the best candidate then voting

2. Primaries, when people take silent, personal votes so that no one knows you voted.

A real life way to explain it is if everyone wants cake, but what kind. If you were using the "primary method" everyone would write what flavor they want on a piece of paper, then the votes are counted and whichever has the larger amount wins, get to be the flavor of cake.

If you are using the "Caucus method", then it would be a debate why people should choose red velvet over vanilla cake or chocolate over vanilla. After, there would be a vote, like a show of hands over who wants what and the flavor with the most votes wins.

Step #2

National Convention: Is where the people of a party group together and definitively choose the candidate for their party, and then the candidate chooses his/her vice president. After the candidate has been chosen they decide what the candidate's platform is, what his/her view is on abortion and other important matters in the government. Proceeding, the candidates campaign across the country, attempting to convince the people of America to vote for them.

Step #3

The General Election, which will be held on November 8th of this year, is where the people from all over the US, go to their polling places and vote for their desired candidate, the people's votes do not directly count in the election process; however, they are taken to the electors who vote for president.

Step #4

The votes are sent to the Electoral College, which has a certain number of representatives in each state do to the population and representatives in congress. The electors vote for one candidate. There is a total of 538 votes in all, one candidate has to get at lease 270 votes to win. After all the votes have bee tallied, the succeeding president and vice president takes an oath to the country and office and are inaugurated in January.