Oregon State University

Beaver Nation

Several Location throughout Oregon

Bend, Corvallis and Portland

Newport Campus

fun things to do:



Science Center


Wax museum

The weather is normally sunny and nice! though it is normally raining and cold in the winter.Newport is right near the coast in a normally flat land.

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3 + 3 Program!

Normally getting a Juris doctorate takes 8 years in Law School and a university, but with the 3 + 3 program at OSU you spend 3 years at OSU and then get transferred to Lewis and Clark law school where you can get your Juris doctorate. 6 years altogether.

prices for living and tuition estimated $39,000

I plan to pay for it through various grants and scholarships!

Grants and scholarships

Bearss Memorial Scholarship

Charles & Emma Lou Cooley Memorial

Emiel And Hermine Van Delden Scholarship

Flaming Family Scholarship In Memory Of Lucy Flaming

Geoff Carmichael Memorial Scholarship

Grants Pass Rotary Club

Gray Family Memorial Scholarships

Joe Rose Memorial Scholarship

Kaylee Moore "Spirit Of GPHS" Memorial Scholarship

Parkside Elementary

Scott Pieper Memorial Scholarship

Zottola Family Memorial Scholarship In Memory Of Robert Zottola & Verna Zottola-Scott

How to get in!

• Minimum combined SAT score of 1950 or composite ACT score of 29;

• Minimum high school GPA of 3.5;

• A essay submitted during the student’s first two years at OSU describing the reasons for applying to the program and the capacities that will enable the student’s success in an accelerated program; and

• An in-person interview with the Program Admission Committee demonstrating the qualities of maturity, focus, and discipline required of program participants.

Students apply for admission to either Willamette Law School or Lewis & Clark Law School during their junior year at OSU. By the end of the junior year, students must:

• Complete all requirements for an eligible major in OSU’s College of Liberal Arts;

• Complete all requirements for the Baccalaureate Core and the CLA Core;

• Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher;

• Complete the equivalent of 135 credits, including a minimum of 45 credits as admitted students at Oregon State University immediately prior to matriculating at law school;

• Achieve a Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score in their junior year that is no lower than the median LSAT for the prior year’s entering class of the law school to which they are applying; and

• Complete all required law school application materials and comply with all other law school admission requirements.