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What is GoAnimate?

GoAnimate is a Web 2.0 tool that allows users to create animated comics. It is designed to be fairly easy to use, though the assortment of characters, scenes, and audio choices can overwhelm a first-time user. Once users have a chance to explore all the options GoAnimate provides, it becomes much easier to use. The best part about this tool is the sheer variety of customizable options that are available for users.
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Here's a quick demonstration of what you can do with GoAnimate.

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There are two subscriptions available: GoAnimate for Schools and GoAnimate. The former is meant for teachers and students. GoAnimate is aimed at just about everyone else. The scenes, props, and characters available allow users to create animated comics for any industry. Both versions offer a free 14-day trial in which users have access to all content. After the trial is over, users have multiple pricing options they can choose from if they wish to continue using the service.

Because of content and variety of options available to users, GoAnimate falls under the Presentation, Innovation, Communication, and Creativity categories. It makes it incredibly easy for educators, trainers, and learning professionals to create highly engaging and professional animated comics for all audiences.

Alex Kiernan

Training Coordinator