Team Tortorello Newsletter

1st Grade Sherwood

Important Dates and Information

Saturday, January 11: iREAD STARTS!

Friday, January 17: Early Release at 1:36 PM

Monday, January 20: No School MLK Jr. Day

Saturday, February 8: PTO Carnival 11-2 PM

Friday, February 14: No School - Institute Day

Monday, February 17: No School - Presidents' Day

Friday, February 28: Early Release at 1:36 PM

Last Call - Scholastic Book Orders

I will be ordering from Scholastic this weekend. If you would like to complete an online order, our class code is HNJBV.

iRead Starts Saturday

We are super excited to start iRead! The iRead Kick-Off is this Saturday, January 11, 9:00 am - 2 pm at the Highland Public Park Library. If you attend, you get a bonus 30 minutes for your iRead sheet.

Please keep track of your minutes on your child's iRead log. We are counting MINUTES read. I will keep count of our in class reading minutes and we will add this at the very end of the iRead competition.

This is a wonderful way to excite your child about reading. We will be making it a BIG deal in our room and having mini competitions between the 1st grade classes. Independent reading AND read alouds count! Your support is appreciated! If you have any questions, please let me know.

MAP Scores Sent Home Today

Your child is bringing home his/her MAP scores. Please remember, this is the winter score. If you would like to discuss your child's score, please let me know. Everyone will take their final MAP test in May. The goal is that the fall and spring score will show great growth.

Book Bags

Book bags will come home today. Please send these back on Monday. Thank you!!


To help students monitor their own learning, we are starting to use "I can..." statements. I will post these throughout our room to help students identify what they should learn during our mini lessons. For example, this week our phonics "I can..." was "I can identify short o and long o sounds. I will tie these into the Questions to Ask Your Child at the end of the newsletter.

Reading / Writing- We started a new reading selection, Supermarket. This is nonfiction. Before we read the text, we collected our wonderings about a supermarket. We then started reading to learn new information. After reading, students responded in their journal with the sentence starter, "Today I learned..." We will continue to respond to reading throughout this text. Please take a peek on Seesaw to see your child's journal work.

Phonics- This week we learned about short o and long o words. Students are working on identifying the CVC pattern for short o (consonant, vowel, consonant). For long o, we are learning how the silent e makes the o say its name. We also discussed contractions this week. We are making a giant list of contractions for our room; feel free to make one together at home. Students also have their differentiated word sorts to practice during center time.

We spent the week reviewing center choices and what students can select during their Must Do / May Do time. More to come next week.


We had a lot of fun with number lines this week. Students worked with an open number line and where to place different numbers. We also had great math conversations about the spacing in between numbers on a number line and how that can change. Using a number line is a new strategy students will use to solve different addition and math problems. We also spent time reviewing our math center choices: math activities on the iPad, flash cards, math games, hundred chart puzzles. These will change as we go through the rest of the year.

Students are also working on their math scrolls. This is an independent activity where they complete blank hundred charts and continue counting past 100. This is a fantastic way to gain number sense and become comfortable with higher numbers. Please let me know if you would like materials to start your own at home. It could be a fun family activity.

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • Let's make a list of short o words. Hop, cot....
  • Let's make a list of long o words. Hope, smoke...
  • If you had the addition problem 5 + 3, how could you show your work on a number line?
  • Can you think of a contraction you talked about in class? (can't, he'll, we'll, couldn't)
  • Who is going to win the traveling trophy for 1st grade?