Seventh Grade Newsletter

April 26, 2015

Dear Parents,

Here's what's happening at school this week.


We are working on a presentation for our pen pals in Siberia. Each student has selected a part of Charlevoix to explain in words and pictures. We enjoyed the presentation we received from Siberia last week and were surprised that most of the pictures didn't include snow!

Social Studies

Students recently concluded their unit on Bronze Age technology and have transitioned to our next unit on Classical Empires and World Religions.

With the school year hitting the home stretch it's important to finish strong. Encourage your student to check their grades on PowerSchool regularly, and to access Edmodo for updates and alerts.

Please contact Mr. Hawkins directly if there are questions or concerns. He can be reached at 547-8170, or at


Students are studying seeds and flowers. They are using stop motion and time lapse video technology to create a project that presents the flower and its parts to an audience. Their projects are coming out great and some will be featured in next week's newsletter. Hopefully the weather will get nice and we can find some of our own flowers! If you like, take some time to ask your student about how flowers make seeds, why nectar exists and what really IS a fruit.


This week students will be taking a summative assessment over probability on Monday. On Tuesday through Thursday, students will be taking the M-STEP state assessment. On Friday, we will begin our next unit on Geometry.

Advanced Math

This week, students will continue to work with probability and they will also take the M-STEP state assessment (Tuesday-Thursday). On Friday, students will work with some 2-dimensional geometry concepts.


Dear Band Parents,

Due to the many changes in the spring sports schedule and the large number of athletes in our band program, we have selected Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. for our final spring concert. I will ask the students to dress in their finest spring wear and we will have a Festival of music that will be a treat for all in attendance!

Musically yours,

Gary Stutzman, Director of Bands
Charlevoix Middle/High School
5200 Marion Center Rd.
Charlevoix, MI 49720
phone: (231) 547-8188
fax: (231) 547-3245
cell: (231) 675-4800

Summer Writing Camp

If your student is interested in writing, consider the Spartan Writing Camp North. This is an excellent program for area middle school students.

Sports Calendar

Tuesday: Track at Grayling

Thursday: League Jamboree at East Jordan

Thank you!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.