Clash of clans tails

By Collin wilson

We are the champions

Is every one ready for clan wars said the leader the barbirans, archers, Giants goblins, and wizards and hog riders screemed yaaaaaaaa!! Then let's goooo!! Wizards attack the cannons and archer towers and mortars. Giants and barbirans and archers did the same but the goblins attacked the gold mines and elixir celectors and gold storage and elikir storage just when we thought we won against magic dog 30 dark elixir fully upgraded wizards came out of the clan castle awesome team seid we aren't going to win against 30 dark elixir fully upgraded wizards with only 50 barbirans, 35 archers, 10 giants, 50 goblins, 45 wizards and 15 hog riders I know what we need to do....release the dragon!! The dragon took out every thing in its path including the wizards 1:00 later we won clan wars every body we defeated the undefeatedabel Magic dog!!

Clash of clans tails magic dogs revenge

It was a snowy day at awesome teams village.

Than out of no where boom barbarians are attacking then archers every body in the town hall now! Archer towers hold them off! Load the mortars and cannons! Wizard towers defend the town hall! Magic dog is playsing wizards and Giants and balloons load the air defenses! Then magic dog placed hog riders! Turn on the Tesla towers yelled awesome team we must keep them away from the town hall do we have any traps still working yes we do awesome team ok lure them in to the remaining traps! Ok awesome team. How much troops did magic dog lose because of the traps five Giants and two hog riders good now lure them in to the remaining tesla towers ok awesome team bzzzzz! The tesla tower took out 20 archers and 4 hog riders good!

Clash of clans padlet post thinking

Post your thinking to my tails please

Attack stadigies clash of clans

Attack one:place one troop by the clan castle to drag out the clan castle troops and the take them out then start your full attack.

Attack two: send in your weakest troop or Giants to break trough the wall of the defenders base then send your troops with good health and good damage like a p.e.k.k.a., dragon, hog riders, golems, valkyrie, a bowler, Wizards, balloons. Then once you take out all the defences send in your clean up troops

Attack 3: this attack is considered farming where you send troops that only go for recourses or specifically goblins now in this attack you most like will not win and that includes losing trophies which means being demoted for your former rank depending on how much times you do it some people use this as proposely trying to lower their rank and still getting some resources out of it.

Attack 4:go wipe is a combination of golems, Wizards, and p.e.k.k.a.

Attack 5:

Clash of Clans: Ride of the Hog Riders (Official TV Commercial)
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Dark elixir troops


Dark elixir spells

Clash of clans tails

Once upon a time there was a village with a great leader of the name of awesometeam he was a gold level 2 and he had foght off many other enemy and one was the great magic dog last year magic dog attacked awesometeam in a attempt of revenge on him if you read the last tail you would it did not go well for him he ended up losing 24 trophies and I got them over the months I was able to create a clan of 49 members and up grade many things on my base but any way BAM!

Looks like we have an attack coming!said awesometeam

Sir we have giants attcking on the north east corner of the base their headed toward the wizard tower!

Send out the clan casle troops we need that wizard tower!

As the villegers opened the casle doors two huge red glowing eyes apperd then the beast flew right out the casle!

The dragons been released sir!

Good tell me when all the giants are gone and when they start placing other troops.

Will do sir!

Ahhhh! Said the villager

What? Said awesometeam thay placed hog riders

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