IPad Rollout!!

November 2015

Here's the Plan

I mentioned to you a couple of weeks ago about getting more Ipads into the building and getting Apple TV's in most classrooms. Well these have arrived and will be getting distributed and/or installed over the next few weeks. We will also be updating some of the classrooms that have older projectors by putting in new projectors.

Ipad Plan--We now have 80 Ipads in the building, up from the 36 we had previously. So we have more than doubled what we had. My initial plan is to get them involved in Math and Science classrooms as much as possible, since I have noticed they are more practical there than the Chromebooks. However, they are definitely not limited to just those subject areas (as I hope everyone takes advantage of including them into your classrooms).

  • Lower Hall--There will be 22 Ipads in the lower hall. These will be under Amy's name and kept in the area between Amy and Lesley's rooms. They are to be used/shared by everyone in that wing.
  • East Hall--There will be 22 Ipads in the east hall. These will be under Sandi's name and kept in her room. They are to be used/shared by everyone in that wing.
  • West Hall--There will be 32 Ipads in the west hall. These will be under Audrey's name and kept in her room. They are to be used/shared by everyone in that wing.
  • Library--There will be 4 left in the library for any staff member to check out if needed.

How will this work???

Here is my thought, and I know from experience (in the elementary) that this can be successful. There will need to be collaboration and planning on your part within your wing for this to work. If you have a day you want to use them, just clear it with the person in your wing who has them. This should not be a "last minute" planning type of thing, and will involve you communicating possibly a week in advance if needed or juggling your lessons around a bit.

You may only need to borrow 1 Ipad at times, if you plan to share something on your Apple TV. Other times you may need enough for a small group (approximately 5) if you are doing a differentiated lesson or centers. Still other times you may need half a set if you are looking for a 2:1 ratio in your class. Lastly, there may be days were you need the whole hall set plus the 4 in the library to get almost 1:1 in most of our classes. The goal is for them to get used and to not just "sit" on the shelf.

I will warn you right now, if they are not being used in the locations I have them, then they will be moved to areas where they will get used. Does this mean the same person has them every single day, no but some will have them more than others.

I don't know how to use all this new stuff......

I get that all of you are not going to feel super comfortable with adding these new devices into your lessons right away. However, you will never be comfortable if you don't just start trying to work them in (trust me the kids can help you more than you know). Also, don't forget that I had a 1:1 Ipad room for the past two years. If you let me know, I would be more than glad to come teach a lesson with your or suggest useful apps for your courses.

Ipads in Middle School Classrooms

Apple TV and Ipads in the Classroom

My "GO TO" or "Most Used" app the past two years was ShowMe. We have chatted about this a little during earlier PD days.


Apple TV

The Apple TV is a small black box that will fit onto your projector. It will essentially allow you to project what is on your ipad/iphone screen onto your board. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Turn on Apple TV using the play arrow button on the remote
  2. Use the source or video button on projector remote to switch over to Apple TV
  3. Turn on AirPlay on your ipad/iphone (swipe up from the bottom of the screen)
  4. Select your classroom and turn on the mirroring toggle button
  5. Enter code after it appears on the board
  6. You are good to go!

Big image

How do I get the apps that I need???

I will get with Roy later this week to get you more details on this, but for the most part the apps will sync to each set of Ipads. So if we put it onto one, it will go onto the others in that same group of Ipads.

Tuesday, November 24 Staff Meeting @ 7:40

We will have a staff meeting on next Tuesday morning to go over some Ipad basics and to show you how to use the Apple TV. My goal is to give you enough training from my end that you feel very comfortable incorporating these into your classes.