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Here in New York we have religious freedom! You are free to express your beliefs during your stay. Some popular religions in this colony are Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews and many others!


Some popular city's to visit are New York City, and Albany. In both of these cities you will find beautiful views of water, and a great view of city life.


In this fine colony here is much history to be told. Here in New York there has been many land claims, different colony names (New Netherlands) and different leaders.New York's history begins with an English explorer who discovered this colony. Later after, the french claimed the land. Soon the dutch had found an interest and decided to claim in which is now Albany. A surprise attack allowed the English to conquer New Netherland in 1664. The colony was renamed New York along with Beverwijk which was renamed Albany. These new names came from the new leader James II of England whom was the duke of york and the Duke of Albany at the time. New York's history continues to grow along with the colony.

Famous for...

Here in New York we are well known for trading. In new york there is much trading such as trading of furs.


Our weather is very seasonal, with cold winters and warm summers. Our colony is beautiful all year around and changing everyday.There are moderate springs and beautiful autumns during fall.
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See you soon

Here in New York we hope to see new comers, please come visit and see this wonderful colony for yourself.