Math Update

Week of February 1st

This Week in Math

Due to our delay days last week, students still need time to complete the Math Benchmark test. We'll test both Monday and Tuesday. This week we'll also begin our statistics unit. Students will learn to identify the mean, median, mode and range of a set of data. They'll learn how the measures of centers are used in interpreting data and how range is used as a measure of variation. The new vocabulary can be confusing, so we'll use this poem to remember each of the terms and how to find them.

Benchmark Test Results

After students have completed the benchmark testing, I'll take a close look at the data and then share it with each student individually. They'll track it in their data folders and I'll attach a copy in their agendas. Remember, benchmark testing helps us determine the needs of each student. I'll use the information to decide if students are in need of remediation, practice or enrichment in each Standard of Learning (SOL).

Important Dates/Upcoming Assessments

February 2: Awards Ceremony

February 10: 5.6 Fraction Computation Test*

February 15: Interim Reports Sent Home

February 19: 5.16 Statistics Test

*Date has been changed; Exempted students will be notified.

Contact Mrs. Peasley

Please contact me if you would like a conference to discuss your child's progress in math this year.