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Tech Thursday | 11 May 2017

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What advice would you give to a teacher who is in his/her first year of a 1:1 implementation?

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1. They always start with the why.

Do not use technology for technology's sake. Always have a reason to use technology. How can it enhance collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills?

2. They are malleable and can easily adapt

Teachers are aware that technology is always changing. Understand the BIG picture

3. They embrace change.

Are innovators and early adopters. Realize the only change brings progress.

4. They share.

Collaborate beyond school walls. Share best practices that benefit everyone.

5. They think win-win.

Understand that buy-in necessary from admin, teachers, parents, and students.

6. They are thorough and think ahead.

Know the answers to questions and have concrete examples.

7. They actively care.

Always thinking of ways to engage their students. Embrace technology because it allows them to make a greater impact.
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Each course listed in these offerings was designed with elements for continued support of the Ready 1:1 digital classroom. Please explore the plethora of options that you can attend to deepen your 1:1 digital journey throughout the summer.

NFHS has a limited number of site licenses for Nearpod. Become one of the first 20 teachers to earn Nearpod Certified Educator status and you will be granted a site license. Please email your certificate to the Ready 1:1 Instructional Coach.
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Apple Teacher is a free professional learning program designed to support and celebrate educators using Apple products for teaching and learning. As an Educator you can build skills on iPad and Mac that directly apply to activities with your students, earn recognition for the new things you learn, and be rewarded for the great work you do every day.
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