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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Summer Reading Ice Cream Party on Friday, September 11th

We will have our Summer Reading Challenge Ice Cream Party on Friday, September 11th.

The times will be:

1:30 First Grade

1:50 Second Grade

2:10 Fourth Grade

2:30 Third Grade

The students below met the goal and can attend the ice cream party!

First Grade:

Zach Bowen


Wyatt MacMillan

Madelyn L

Jackson Serrano

Brooklyn Mitchell

Caleb Pifer

Patrick Bell

Mackenzie Evans

Allissa Garrett

Second Grade:

Brooke Boyer

Cate Mathes

Sarah Rogers

Anthony Kun

Cadence Masters

Jaden Patsel

Brody Volpert

Addisyn Wolters

Anjulie Bell

Sydney Crowder

Andrew Sawyer

Shailamae Ung

Dallas Bryant

Breylin Jefferson

Third Grade:

Lucas Hardin

Shaun Collin Nolan

Rhianna Bowen

Finn Brantis

Isabella Cheves

Liliana Clark

Fourth Grade:

Leslie Aguilar

Brieanne Garza

Christin Downing

Luke Pifer

Lana Schultz

Jarrett Allgood

Peyton Cast

Aaron Hartsel

Braydon Mitchell

Samuel Rogers

Hayden Stike

Kennedy Sayers

Katelynn Shipp

Abigail Thomas

Charla Weatherley

Ryan Weeks


Need kids' magazines for students to cut pictures out of?? I have a ton here in the library for you to come and get. They are located in the storage room at the back. I also have old issues of The Mailbox magazine if you are interested in those.

Constitution Day Thursday, September 17th

In our library we have several picture books on the Constitution that I have pulled for you. Below you will see a those titles.

We also have an excellent DVD for kids called We the Kids. It has illustrations by David Catrow and it its about 10 minutes long. We the Kids is also a picture book that some of you may already have. We do not have the picture book in our library yet, however I am ordering one for next school year.

I will be setting up a table at the front of the school with the Constitution (its a replica of course) just like Mrs. Skidmore has done in the past.

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