St George Dragons

We need sponsors!!!


We need sponsors right away. The St George Dragons are looking for new sponsors for our club. We are looking for big businesses and local bussinesses who are interested in sponsoring our club.

Why you should sponsor us?

There are many reasons a business should sponsor us. Sponsorship in the past has helped big and local bussinesses thrive and increase sales dramatically. Sponsorship have helped many bussinesses as it provides a wide range of customers who will see your bussiness name. Not only are you sponsoring in our jerseys your bussiness name will be previewed in newspapers, online in shops etc on our jerseys. This provides a great variety of customers who will be attrached to your business. Being assosciated with a famous and well recognised club like the St George Dragons provides a good name for the business as it would be assosciated with winning as we have many times in the past.