The actual project

In a zombie apocalypses I would bring my family my friends,stuff to protect us,food water, and I would go in to a basement

Basin and range

This region has Death Valley located in it and it is made up of rugged mountains and fertile valleys. It is also west of the Rocky mountains. I think this region is the best because it has many things to hide at and I give it a seven.

Pictures of the regions

The Great Plains

The Great Plains is a flat rolling land that has very little changes in elevation. I think this region is the worst because if you were to hide here the zombies would see you because there is nothing to hide behind or in front of. I give this region a one.

The Appalachian Highlands

The Appalachian highlands are the oldest mountains in North America it is also west of the coastal plains. I think this region is ok because it is not as bad has the Great Plains but it is not as good as the basin and range because it would hard to get up all those mountains before the zombies get you. I give this region a five.
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