Acadia National Park

By Tania and Christie Martin

About Acadia National Park

Here at Acadia National Park some features you will be able to see are: colorful granite cliffs, cobblestone beaches, mountains, valleys, marshes, evergreen forest, white pines and wild blueberries. Acadia National Park is located on Mount Desert Island in the state of Maine in the North East Region of the United States. There are four seasons and weather is moderate.

Deerfield School

About Acadia National Park by Deerfield School

Formation of Glaciers How Lakes and Ponds were Formed

Glaciers formed Acadia. Glaciers are masses of ice that move slowly across land and then they melt and form waterways. A long time ago glaciers crossed Acadia digging out ponds and lakes. Glaciers made Jordan Pond, Long Pond, Echo Lake and Eagle Lake.

Deerfield School

Formation Of Glaciers: How Lakes and Ponds Were Formed by Deerfield School

Interesting Facts

  • Carriage Roads are used for biking, hiking and horse & buggy rides.

  • Animals you will see are: red fox, white tailed deer, bull frog and so many more interesting wildlife

  • You will see the mountains meet the ocean

  • Cadillac Mountain is the tallest mountain on the East Coast of the U.S.A

  • Wild blueberries and goldenrod plants can be seen throughout the park.