She is The girl of your dream

Why would you buy her?

Miriam is nice active and open minded. If you ever bought her she would so your chores, helps you with cooking and is VERY clean!But miriam dose everything with a catch. You must reward her With COlTHES

What this awsome girl likes to do?

There is only three things in the world Miriam likes. That is SHOPPING, TECHNOLOGY AND HANGING OUT WITH HER FREINDS. If you reward that with this awsome girl she will be the joy of your life!

Where to find her?

You can find miriam at her wonderful house, in a mall or At allan a martin.If you approach her tell her how great she is and offer to pay $500. She will be sher to come back home with you!

Miriam' characteristics

Miriam is:

Pretty, nice, open minded, cool, joyful,entertaining, sweet and fun too be around she is the girl you would want to buy!