Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators Book Study

Online Book Study to Help You Remember Your "WHY"

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Change is one thing we can count on, and when we encounter it, we can harness our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies, and direct them where they will make the biggest difference. Perseverance, patience, and courage help us manage change.


Although change is constant, spring brings especially high levels of change to schools. Learn to ride those waves of change with focus, patience, persistence, and courage.
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The Sphere of Influence

The idea of the spheres of control and influence is simple: Classifying our complaints into those we can control, those we can influence, and those we can't control is a step toward using our energy wisely. The clarity that can emerge from this sorting activity frees up a lot of emotional energy and helps us see that we have more agency than we think.
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How to Deal with Unwanted Change

1. Slow Down

  • Get real about your feelings. Notice them. Name them. Accept them. And spend a little bit of time exploring them, especially if you're having strong feelings
  • Give yourself 24-48 hours to think before you take action or make a decision.

2. Evaluate and Analyze the Situation

  • What else do I need to know in order to have a more complete understanding of what's going on?
  • What's the story I'm telling about this change? How could someone else see this change? Who might be able to share another perspective on it?
  • What are the ways that this change might affect kids and the community I serve?
  • What is within my influence?
  • What am I free to choose right now?
  • What resources do I have available to me? What can I draw on to cope with this situation?
  • What might be possible if I challenge this change? What will happen if I sit it out and wait for it to pass?

3. Use Your Energy Where it Counts

  • Often it is not clear where to expend our energy. When change comes along, we can feel afraid and uncertain about what "counts." Ask yourself over and over, What really matters? and listen to your own responses.

4. Be Open to Outcomes

  • Stay within this paradox: Work with vision and commitment, leverage your resources and energy to reach that vision, and at the same time, be open and be unattached to what you're envisioning.

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Keep a Promise to Yourself

Keeping a promise to yourself, say the experts, is a surefire way to boost your morale and self-esteem. When you make a commitment and stick to it, you'll also feel encouraged to make additional or bigger commitments.