September Dresses Update

Monthly Review

QC Review

Miss Patina Sizing Snafu

This month we saw a lot of sizing discrepancies with this brand. The dresses came in labeled with UK sizes but had an alpha size on the tag sewn inside the garment. Ultimately we found that the UK size was on the back of this tag. But this is not the side that the customer will see so this could be confusing and result in complaints. We also had one dress that came in from this vendor that was a wrong style. There were a total of seven styles with this issue.

Vendor to Watch: Danity

This was the first PO we received from this vendor. I found a dress that had black stains all over it. This dress also had had moisture damage and mold. We need to keep up with Danity and make sure these are not persistent issues.

Fit Review

Short Styles

Lately, it appears that more and more styles are not meeting the minimum sizing recommendation of 33 inches for a size Small or size 4, and 26 inches for a size Small strapless dress. Some of these styles are passable on the body, while others are so short that they may be nearly unsalable.

Even if the styles are considered technically passable, there are resounding complaints from customers across many customer reviews that even styles that meet or go beyond the length requirement are too short. It seems that many customers wish that more longer styles were offered on the site, while the trend seems to be headed in the opposite direction. One of Modcloth’s missions is to offer fantastic fashion for all shapes, sizes, and ages of women, and offering so many dresses that are too short may make some customers wary of purchasing dresses from the site. Another reason that this is problematic is that although the length is available in the profile details, it is difficult for a customer to get a feel for how short a dress actually is on the mannequin in the photo, and how it would look on the body.

Upping the length requirement an inch or two and making it a rule that vendors must follow rather than a suggestion may help to partially solve this problem. After all, it is possible to get a dress hemmed if it is too long, but there is not much to do in the way of tailoring if it is too short, resulting in higher return rates.

In the meantime, the Fit Team has begun to add “length is consistent with mini silhouette” to the profiles of shorter styles in order to alert customers to potential length issues. We have made it our mission to style as many short dresses as possible and upload the photos to the Style Gallery, in order to help customers get a better idea of what these styles look like on the body, and enable them to make informed choices about which styles are best for them!

September Vendor Problems

↑5 from August

Biggest Concern? Compliance Issues!

Whether items arrive on hangers, bagged incorrectly or not stickered shut, this is a problem that must be fixed before going out to our customers.

69 Total

You may notice a slight chance in how specific these issues are categorized. That’s all because of Oracle. In Oracle we were able to make it as we saw fit. We wanted quality issues to not be so broad. So we adjusted a few things and BAM! We have each issue lined out.

Compliance Issues

  • Smart Sorting- 10
  • Crappy Poly Bags- 2
  • Hangers - 3

Biggest Vendors:
  • Hot & Delicious - 4
  • J. Simpson - 2

*please remember this is not JUST dresses

Top Vendor

This may seem like an odd vendor to pick but let me explain. We had more than a few styles that arrived with alpha sizing being shown on the tag, but we had ordered 8, 10, 12. After much deliberation on what should be done, I contacted the vendor to let them know the issue. They were very professional and explained that the UK sizing was on the reverse side of the tag. I then began speaking with the buying team on what the next course of action should be. A few days later I received a phone call from Scarlett asking me if everything was alright with the product. She was extremely polite and friendly. In my last email to her I explained that it would help us out in the long run if their dresses have call from Scarlett asking me if everything was alright with the product. She was extremely polite and friendly. In my last email to her I explained that it would help us out in the long run if their dresses have the UK sizing facing out. She replied that she would try her best to have it resolved.

With Scarlett’s prompt and professional response is what makes Miss Patina my top vendor of the month!

Needs Improvement

City Triangles as always shown very little interest in helping resolve issue we find in their products. Whether it is stains or incorrect COO, they may want to be refreshed on the vendor manual , and what we except from them.

Customer Care ModStylists

Comments this month

To piggyback off of what Liz had to add, about 80% of all feedback interactions are regarding the length of our dresses. We hear a lot of commentary about how most wish for dresses that hit at the knee or longer. Generally, we always pass along the link to the longer length dress category and let the customer know that we are passing along the feedback to the right team. Please keep in mind that this is a great deal of our interactions and if it can be considered during the buying process, it would be appreciated by a large customer base!

In our plus assortment, customer would love to see more dresses with sleeves and while they find that sizing is frustrating, they really love the newest styles that we have added.

Customers would love to see more dresses with 3/4 length sleeves or long sleeves. There have been a lot of requests for more additions that would be useful for weddings and bridal and also 1920's Gatsby themed events.

We haven't heard as many questions about restocks or coming soon products as we had earlier in the season.


Of the 1,245 customer comments compiled between August 28 and Sept. 24, Mystic, Closet - UK and Gilli Inc topped the list with 54, 52 and 42 entries, respectively.

Top 3 Vendor Offenders

Top 3 Frequently Returned Dresses

Bye bye summer! Until next year!